Embracing Change

I don’t consider myself much of an “expert” at anything. The expression, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” certainly applies to me. The one thing I’ve been forced to become an expert at is coping or responding to sudden and unexpected change. Whether it was from poor decision making or factors out of my control, I’ve had to deal with numerous instances of sudden change to my plans in life. From being fired as a graphic designer and living on unemployment for a year, to having a relationship end and having an empty house to myself, to losing myself to pill abuse, anxiety & depression, to failed business experiments, to losing my Dad suddenly…all of that from 2010-2018 prepared me for what was coming. Being forced to pivot quickly, sometimes without much thought being allowed to happen. 

I learned the importance of living simply and sacrificing what many people my age were doing at the time. I learned not to put all my financial eggs in one basket. I learned how to be happy by myself and alone in my house for long stretches. I learned how to stare out into the abyss and darkness but to keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how big the step. I learned the importance of becoming wealthy, not rich. Rich people go broke all the time because they lack what wealthy people have…knowledge. I learned the importance of creating as many online revenue streams as possible. Even on my worst of my anxiety days I can still get work done from the comfort of my living room. And where do all streams lead? To a much bigger body of water. 

Don’t let 2021 be a carbon copy of 2020 because of what’s happening, what’s happened or what’s gonna happen. Plans are great, they’re necessary and need to provide a map of where you’re going. But like most places on a map, there’s going to be numerous twists and turns. You may need to get outta your car and hoof it for a while. May have to climb a mountain or slug your way through a swamp to get where you’re going. But just don’t do what many people did in 2020, they stopped moving. KEEP MOVING. Don’t have a job? Crash learn a marketable skill.  Have a great job? Start a side hustle. Have a side hustle? Legitimize it. Wanna make that leap to entrepreneur? Do it. Have one business? Start a second one. Have those revenue streams set up? Invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies. Got all that figured out? Teach your family, friends and others how to duplicate your success. 

Make change happen so when the unexpected comes, you just ride the waves. 

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