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Web Design

Some sites are diamonds, some sites are rocks. Some of your potential customers judge your company based on how it looks. Make yours shiny.

Logo Design

Level up your business with a logo that stands out above your competition. We create custom looks up and into the tiniest of details.

Graphic Design

Looking for design that just sizzles? We've all seen design done by your Uncle's, mailman's nephew from down the street. Don't do it.

Social Media

Ever create a social media business page, have it go well for a month, and then not touch it again for 6 months? Yeah, our clients too, let us do it.


Marketing is a little bit like magic...a select few understand how to leverage it into making customers just magically appear at your "doorstep"

Printing & Apparel

Don't miss the mark on your end product. We'll help make sure whether you're printing on paper, metal, hats or hoodies it'll be spot on every time.

Business need a shot in the arm?

Our businesses are here to help! With over 40 years of combined experience in the advertising and design industry, we have the know-how to take even the tiniest of ideas and give it strength!

We are a team of independent business owners

Nick Rauscher

3Zero Creative
Shirts, Hats & Imaginative Things

Nick is a gradu…a drop out of a few colleges…ok he has an associates degree in something. What he lacks in traditional academic knowledge, he makes up for in over 15 years of experience in design, marketing, advertising and social media. After working in a traditional advertising agency as a designer and at a television station in marketing and sales, he decided to combine all that experience to create 3Zero. In seven years he’s turned it into a company that some people have heard of. 

Monica Capogna

RoseBrook Consulting
SEO, Social & Google Genius - 3Zero Creative

Monica may be the newest entrepreneur of our group but her experience in marketing and search engine optimization stretches back more than 15 years. A meticulous planner, to the point of maybe mild OCD, Monica can have your digital business goals planned, automated and successful in the blink of an eye. After freelancing with Nick since 2015 Monica made the jump into entrepreneurship founding RoseBrook Consulting.

Rachel Bentley

RB Design
Master Artist - 3Zero Creative

Rach is the founder of RB Design and is the true definition of an ARTeest. She can take the simplest of ideas and turn it into a true work of art, whether by keystroke or by hand. Rach and Nick’s paths crossed back in 2011 where Rach was the designer for Nick’s client. In 2015 they began work together as co-business owners as Rach began to grow RB Design out of the Rochester area. Now Rach has a hand in almost all logo design along with web design and graphic design and keeping Nick sane. 

Ariana Kotary

Offices In Order
Organization & Administrative Guru - 3Zero Creative

Ariana is the live in organization and business manager for 3Zero Creative. Founding Offices in Order in 2018 she has turned herself into a go-to local “Marie Kondo-er”, helping people in their homes and businesses organize, clean and manage the chaos. Nick and Ariana began “working” together in 2018 and they hope to continue to build companies and teaching others the excitement and joy of entrepreneurship. 

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