Small Business Saturday

As Small Business Saturday comes upon us, it’s a very good reminder to EVERYONE that small business is the BACKBONE of this country. And since the pandemic began, 25% of small businesses have closed, nearly 50% in the leisure and hospitality business have closed up for good. Small business revenue is also down more than 20% since shut downs began in March of 2020. 

Today I want to feature some of my clients that you can support on Small Business Saturday and every day after that. These people are friends, not just clients. We are ALL the same when it comes to the fact that many of us, truly are living our dream through our businesses. Some have dropped every penny they had into it…if they failed, they lost everything. Some of us are further along in our journeys than others. I’m in year 8, some are in year 1, others are in year 30. We all want the same thing though. To turn our customers into our circle of friends. Just remember, even if you don’t think you can use a service or a product….GIFT CERTIFICATES are HUGE for small businesses this time of year. It’s an opportunity to get money up front to prepare for the coming year and stay ahead of the game. If you have to buy for people this year, 1st think small business, then think gift cards and services.

My 1st small business to feature is my lovely lady, Ariana’s business Offices In Order. Life moves fast, if you live in a home, ESPECIALLY if you have children…I can guarantee, you got yourselves a mess. It’s unavoidable, unless you just don’t buy them anything, ever because every toy now comes with 7000 microscopic pieces that eventually just get vacuumed up. Ari specializes in getting your life IN ORDER. Kitchens, kids rooms, basements, garages, offices….if you have clutter, let Ari come in and help you organize and put in a PLAN to keep it organized. With affordable hourly and monthly pricing, a gift card to a new set of parents that may be struggling to keep up, or a new business owner that just can’t keep track of all their paperwork would be the perfect gift this holiday season. Visit to get in touch with Ari and get yourself a gift card or to schedule a service.

Next, let’s go visit the ladies of Amityville Apothecary down on Long Island. Dina and Daneille are two of my favorite people, and have literally never met them in person. If you’re a crystal lover, nooooo not that stripper…she doesn’t love you, these ladies sell every stone on the face of the Earth. They also sell tarot cards and stuff for rituals, which I only think are for good witches, so all you bad ones go find something else to do. Their entire website is e-commerce and they ship all over the country. Check out or hit them up on Facebook, Insta, Tik Tok…they are literally everywhere and there’s a reason. It’s easy to tell, these girls are living their dream doing what they do.

How bout we meet Steve Behlog, of Behlog Metal Works? This dude is total METAL with how he handles steel. It is truly incredible the time and work that he puts into every single piece he puts out. I actually had Steve handle a project that was very near and dear to my heart. I wanted to get my Mom and special sign up at camp with our address, and the outline of my Dad so it always felt like he was watching over camp. To say Steve knocked it out of the park is an understatement, see for yourself from the photo. His geometric fire globes are starting to be seen all over the place. They’re ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE looking! Just check out his work at and hit him up on his site or Facebook.

Now, if you’re unaware of this, farmers are the most important and probably most underappreciated folks around. I’ve had the pleasure of working with 8 or 9 farm clients in the last few years and they’re always the friendliest, hardest working people I know. I want to highlight a trio of clients for you guys to check out. Home Roots Farm was one of my first farm clients. Unfortunately due to the pandemic many of their plans for weddings and gatherings haven’t come to fruition, but what has come to fruition is Victoria’s HOT! Victoria specializes in growing all of your favorite hottest peppers on the planet…Ghosts, reapers, and scorpions galore…and then she takes them and puts them into all sorts of deliciousness! Jams and jellies for you lovers of hotttttt! Me, this is one client that my stomach says, I just can’t. But for your masochists out there that like to tickle your taste buds, or you sadists that want to prank your sucker friends…go order some of Victoria’s HOT and spice your life up a bit.

Next on our tour of farms is Dream Weaver Farm in Richfield Springs. Yoooooo, this is quite literally the freshest beef you can buy. It goes from their fields, down to their butcher shop, into their freezer, onto your grill. (There may be other processes in there too for legal purposes). If you haven’t been paying attention at the grocery stores, prices may be up just a touch, especially when it comes to quality meat. Living in Central New York, we are surrounded by local farms that sell their products Farm To Table. Dream Weaver is one of them. Every cut of beef you can think of, plus chicken and lamb, purple vegetables, eggs and even local milk. You can even make plans for whole, half or quarter cows…pretty sure they’re dead at this point. With a “help yourself” shop right on the farm that is open daily, you can stop by anytime to grab farm fresh products at 650 Allen Lake Road in Richfield, only a couple miles off of Route 20.

My newest farm client will hopefully help calm some of your asses down. has perfected growing lavender and has created some new products this year. We just launched the e-commerce shop last month and people are loving the lavender creams and bath bombs. This family took the “pandemic challenge” of starting a business seriously! Taking a dairy farm that was founded in 1868 to the next level in 2021 isn’t always easy…but the Cody family has taken all the great steps to make that happen. Not only do they have great products, but they’re also using the farm as the perfect place for families and photographers to get photos. Check out the website, Facebook or Insta and place your lavender order. The box and everything it comes in, you would think they’ve been doing this for years!

Speaking of calming your asses down, for the love of GOD, why isn’t everyone aboard the Cannabis train yet, especially and at least CBD? Just “do your own research” you heathens and see how beneficial it can be for anxiety, depression, nausea heartburn indigestion upset stomach diar…..maybe messing it up with Pepto Bismol…but, insomnia, and the list goes on and on. Anywho, my friends at Utica Hemp Company ( are kind enough to give friends of 3Zero Creative 10% off online orders, every day, 365 days a year. Just put in code 3zerocreative and put Nick in the notes if ya remember, and you’ll save yourself 10% or the equivalent of NYS tax.

On we go to an actual live special going on for a client. My buddy Andrew at Ultimate Detail has gift certificates available for an interior AND exterior detail from now until Christmas for only $125 bucks! Some people are really good about taking care of their cars, inside and out…and other people have lives, or children and it’s impossible to keep a car clean. This is where the beauty of a mobile detailer comes in. I’ve had Andrew come to my house 4 times now. He cleans the car in my driveway in a few hours and is gone before I even knew anything happened. I go out and boom, clean car smell and look. This is the perfect gift for the busiest person in your life. Just buy them the gift of TIME.

A couple of small town shops to mention if you live in the Thousands Islands region or the Waterville area…St Lawrence Pottery is owned by one of THE most talented artists and coolest people I’ve met since starting business. If you’re up in the Alex Bay or Clayton area, right in between those two great little towns is this little pottery shop at 41468 State Route 12. I was thrilled to help Kelly get her online shop up and running at Go say hi and see some of the most beautiful artwork you’ve seen.

Who’s the lady in your life that loves stuff for their home? Take a little drive down route 20 or 12 and head towards the Waterville/Sangerfield area and go see Colleen over at Country Berries Primitive. There is some gorgeous handmade “kotzies” to love here…a majority of it brought straight to you from the Amish world of Lancaster, PA. If you’re in the know about “primitive” looking decor you’re going to love all the stuff here. Just opened a month ago so make it a priority to head to 995 State Route 12 Sangerfield, NY and say hi!

A couple of local Ilion restaurants to make notice of to stop and get gift certificates for. My buddy Danny Mendez at Franco’s Pizza does more for the community than 99.9% of other businesses in this area. From FREE Thanksgiving and Christmas community dinners, to after school programs for kids, to being a place for people to stop and get warm during the winter…there is NOTHING he’s not willing to do for people and this little community. And also while you’re in Central Plaza go see my boy Zhu at Main Moon and grab a gift certificate and support one of the longest lasting businesses in the valley. Main Moon has been owned by the same family since wayyyy back in 1990, surviving everything life has thrown at them including the pandemic. Something delicious or unhealthy is in that food because I crave it at least once a month. Zhu and his family strive for a consistent experience whether it’s the original “family meal deal” take out, or when they get back to the all you can eat buffet.

Couple other quick shout outs if you like sharp things. Stetson Originals, made a knife in honor of my Dad and he’s always got blades up on his page to buy. Any outdoorsman in your life or anyone that loves to cook knows the value of a great knife. These are all completely hand made and he can even customize to your needs. Then, once you get that knife in hand, you need to get in touch with Burr and Bevel Sharpening in Ilion and you will have something wayyyyy sharper than you. Be careful, the first 3 times I used something sharpened by Joel, I cut myself.

Thanks again everyone for all your love and support over the years for this guys small business. Get out there and make a small business owner smile with a purchase. If you wanna make this small business owner smile, hit me up for gift certificates!