Website Maintenance Packages

Over the years, 3Zero has evolved from a simple freelance graphic designer, to a website designer, to a full service digital marketing agency. With that evolution came a massive partnership with Capraro Technologies, an IT company with many folks WAY smarter than I. As I’ve learned more about creating websites over the last 10 years, I’ve also learned where I’ve been severely lacking…and that is all the parts of a website that you can’t see or interact with. Your hosting, security, plugins, updates, optimization and speed are all components that I too am learning as I go. 

With that said, the importance of all these features have become quite clear over the years. I’d like to introduce 4 affordable monthly packages to keep your site maintained through the course of it’s life. Please choose one and fill out the following form

*10% off if paid annually. 
**20% off more than one website. 

If no package is chosen, web updates will be billed at $125/hr when necessary.

This screenshot shows a WordPress site SEVERELY needing to be updated (Oh, it's 3Zero's...whoops)

All of these are vulnerabilities that hackers use to get into our WordPress sites. 


Analytics & Security
$ 49
  • Wordpress Updates
  • Plugin Updates & Compatibility checks
  • Analytics configuration and reporting
  • Monster Insights plugin for Dashboard viewing
  • Monthly Backups
  • Facebook Pixel Added
  • Addition of Advanced Security Features


Expand Your Website
$ 99
  • All previous package features included
  • Monthly Content revisions/updates for desktop & mobile or new page created quarterly
  • Addition of Elementor Essentials Plugin